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Bridal Shoes- Tips & Ideas

So a couple of weeks ago we had a bride ask on our Facebook Page about what colour bridal shoes are considered appropriate and what is not. Should she wear coloured bridal shoes on her big day or should she rather just stick to the traditional cream, white or ivory? The overwhelming answer from our brides was […]

Marriage is healthy


Specialists from New Zealand have established that marriage affects a person in a healthy way. It decreases the risk of depression and anxiety.

The research showed that psychological problems of which we are protected when married can occur after termination.

The authors of the following research by the Otago University of New Zealand have analyzed data from a major research on the physical health, covering 34 493 people of 15 countries.

The analysis showed that the termination of marriage when the brake up comes or death occurs is related to increased risk of psychological problems as men are more likely to become depressed and women overuse alcohol and medicaments.

Specialists have tested what happens with the psychological health during marriage in comparison with the single life and the termination of the matrimony.

Researches have established that marriage in comparison with single life is useful for the mental health of both genders, not only women as considered until now. The results of the research indicate that during the first marriage men suffer less than women from depression and anxiety which is due to the traditional distribution of roles in the family. When married women are better education they are more unlikely to suffer from depression.

The research showed that married life decreases the risk of overusing alcohol and drugs mostly among women, most of which limit the consumption of these substances during pregnancy and while children are little.

With the termination of marriage people from both genders become much more vulnerable to various psychological problems of which married ones are protected.

Romantic destinations for the honeymoon



It is difficult to plan a wedding but to plan a honeymoon is twice as hard. This is because there are so many possibilities and so many places you want to visit but you think none of them is appropriate. You search for the perfect one but you are scared not to make a mistake. It is assumed that the honeymoon should be romantic escape on a sunny and exotic island, somewhere where the time has stopped and where endless glasses of Pina Colada complete the sweet taste of life. It is forbidden to think about work and engagements and schedules, you leave them for the reality. Don’t be scared to make the choice, just find the right place, your place.

Speaking of love, Rome is its heaven! Here there is always magic in the air in spite of all the tourists and the stress of the big city. In Rome there are gardens, fountains and classic mythology everywhere. Don’t miss to toss a coin behind you to go back there again.
Do we need to mention it!? Because it is for sure in your list. The city of light, famous for its expensive, classy style offers many and most various entertainment. And still here crossed are the roads of the ordinary man and the diversity of wonderful French desserts.
From the gardens of Luxembourg to the sunset boat ride, Paris is the other name of romance.

Image:© goodluz / Fotolia

The scenery is so wide that it will be hard to believe how so much beauty is gathered in one place – lavish vegetation, alpine meadows, huge coast mountains, rainforests. Adventurous couples shouldn’t miss to visit the crater of Kilauea volcano.
The symbol of love – Taj Mahal – to the port Kerala, India promises an exotic trip, worthy of the royal couple. Elephants, history, art and culture – they will remain in your memories. The ski slopes such as Manali and the discos at the beaches of Goa are always there and very modern as well.
There is nothing more romantic than boat ride at sunset. Or maybe there is – the bare beaches, the restaurants with an ocean view, the spa procedures for couples. And these are only some of the possibilities. Most companies offering cruises have additional offers to the main package, developed specially for newlyweds. The honeymoon passes in an elegant, sophisticated ambiance which tares you away from the everyday life and makes your life/month “honey”. The chose should be easy. If not, well we’ve narrowed down the possibilities. Think fast, pack and go because it’s tempting.

Practical advices for the wedding manicure


Painting Fingernails

For a nice wedding manicure important is to form your own nails, French tips or artificial nails. If you choose the option with the artificial nails you should know that in its base is the good preparation of the natural nail. It should be well cleaned of bacteria so they don’t grow underneath and cause damage. It should be dry and oil free. The nails should not be washed with water before the procedure. Talking about artificial nails I think here is the place to name the types:

Gel artificial nails 
The gel is chemically created polymer. It does not seal the surface and does not stop the biological development. The artificial material allows the nails to breath, lets moist and does not impede the metabolic activity of the skin under the nails. In order to make a gel artificial nails the nail should be prepared with a fine nail file. An extension is placed with special glue. Filed is the border between the natural nail and the extension. Above it placed is a modeling gel. After that the real polishing gel which turns the nail into glass and it becomes really smooth.

Acrylic artificial nails 
This type of artificial nails is very comfortable and creates the feeling the nail is natural. Placed this way the nails can last about 3 weeks depending on the care for them.

Unique system which uses silk fiber to create really pretty nails. They are very hard without being too thick.

Here are some practical advices for your wedding manicure

* If you have decided to use artificial nails for your wedding day don’t forget that it will take time to get used to it. Don’t do it right before the wedding. This should be at least one week earlier. This way you will feel more comfortable and confident.
* The decoration of the nails should be done the day before the wedding. This way it will not be damaged.
* The manicure of the hands and feet should be the same or at least should match.
* The manicure of the bridesmaids should not be more visible than the bride’s one. You are the star of the day after all.
* The manicure is not something new for the man as well. The groom also needs it, he shows his hands too.

The history of the wedding ring


Where does the tradition of wearing a wedding ring come from


The tradition for wearing wedding rings occurred in Ancient Egypt. Then the ring served as a seal with which the pharaohs certified their orders. With time the Egyptian aristocracy began putting gold on their hands as well as silver, glass and clay jewelry – the less wealthy.

In Ancient Rome the rings determined the social status of the people – only the higher class was entitled to wear gold, the free citizens – silver and the slaves – iron. With the Romans occurred the ritual with the wedding ring – before the marriage the groom handed to the parents of the future bride a ring with which to prove that he undertook an engagement to marry her and is able to take care of her. This ritual was more important than the wedding which was the closing of the promise.

In the end of the II century A.C. people started exchanging bronze rings, in III-rd century golden and in IV century the wedding rings became an important part of the wedding ceremony. They placed it on the ring finger on the left hand for the Catholics and on the right hand for the Orthodox due to the belief that on this ring there is a “vain of love” which leads directly to the heart.

In Medieval France people believed that for a married woman to attract a younger man it is enough to put a handkerchief through her wedding ring and then hand it to her loved one. During the time of the wars between German land owns baron Otto Klotzenbach ordered to make him an armor of wedding rings given by his many lovers. The baron believed that the love of women his armor had will make him unbeatable to the weapon of the enemy. And yes he survived all his battles but fell in a pond and dragged by his heavy armor drowned.


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